The Mission of the non-profit organisation Œil d’humanité

The Mission of the non-profit organisation Œil d’humanité

The Mission of the non-profit organisation Œil d’humanité

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The non-profit organisation Œil d’humanité aims to promote a philosophy of living together in a spirit of cooperation between Belgium and southern countries in the quest for harmonious living in a just and egalitarian society.

The mission of this association is to promote human rights, participatory democracy, gender equality, fight against corruption, defend effective freedom of the press in all states, defend the rights of immigrants in Belgium, and help them integrate into society and the workforce.

To do so, it develops and manages the following media:

The publication and distribution of an online newspaper and soon to be launched print newspaper, titled "Œil d’humanité," distributed in Belgium, specifically in various administrative and association offices, as well as in metros and trains.

The launch of a YouTube channel that addresses the same topics as the "Œil d'humanité" newspaper, featuring interviews with Belgian politicians, academics, association leaders, and people from immigrant backgrounds to discuss and reflect on their integration and employment in Belgian society and promote their philosophy of living together.

Organising conferences on the aforementioned topics.

More generally, developing and managing any media deemed influential in defending their cause.

In parallel, it implements and coordinates the following activities:

French language learning for newcomers as part of their socio-professional integration.

Setting up structures that provide access to food and products at lower prices than those of regular distribution to help vulnerable people.

Orientation and permanent reception of foreign students and their support in their university studies.

Establishing a "Public Writers" service for administrative letters and resumes.

Supporting associations in the south and those in Belgium, as well as helping them search for subsidies for their projects in order to strengthen North-South cooperation.

Establishing an Equal Opportunities service: listening, guidance, and defense for all forms of discrimination.

Organising Belgian-African international festivals.

Organising international economic forums.


President of the Œil d'humanité non-profit organisation

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